Inside the Pretty Spicy Mix Box

Lingerie Mix Box

Get the best of both worlds when you subscribe to the Pretty Spicy Lingerie Mix Box.

You get to build both your pretty and spicy lingerie collections, and develop a selection of sexy lingerie, whatever mood you are in.

Each month, we will alternate the lingerie style you receive in your lingerie treat box. One month you will receive a pretty piece of lingerie, ranging from bra sets and chemises to teddies and bodysuits. The next month, you will receive a spicy piece of lingerie, getting you in the mood for a little something more in the bedroom.

From time to time, you will also receive extra special treats for your body and boudoir such as sensual massage oils, aromatherapy candles or even luxurious bath oil, helping you to look good and feel good in our pretty spicy Lingerie Mix Box. For the Spicy month, you may receive a special toy, lubricant, or even handcuffs!

If you want a range of lingerie styles, then subscribe today for just £34.99 per month.

Three month subscription now available for £93.99 (plus postage). Receive three lingerie boxes over three months.


Subscription not for you or you want something a little extra? Browse our lingerie selection and choose your own pretty or spicy lingerie.